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Top Master Groomer

Yukiko Hirata


Since 1981, Yukiko Inoue has been a licensed a top level toy Poodle breeder and show level groomer.

The dogs she groomed won many trophies including the Champion and Grand Champion of theJapanese Kennel Club show. After relocated to Hawaii, 

the dogs she groomed continued to win trophies and awards at the AKC shows.


She is an expert in Japanese trimming and grooming techniques.

 The Japanese technique uses a very gentle touch and highly values the art of the final cut.

She can do a variety of all the popular cuts for a all breeds of dogs.

Professional Groomer / Grooming Teacher



Yuki's sister started a grooming shop in Japan.


She became more interested ingrooming start enter to grooming techniques and attended a  school for  grooming teachers.

After graduation, she got a license for grooming instruction.  She worked as a manager in that grooming shop for 10 years.

She also taught grooming for  7 years, and in the 2012, she came to U.S. From 2014, she started work in Johnny's House Dog Grooming Salon and she became the chief
groomer and grooming instructor.


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