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The groomers at the Johnny's Dog Spa are highly experienced with a wide range of dog breeds, fur, and cuts. Please feel free to specify the cut style for your lovely dogs. Don't know what kind of style you're looking for? Ask us and we'll recommend the perfect haircut that matches you and your dog's lifestyle and desires.
*No walk-ins. Appointments only.


Basic Package

Full Package

Pamper your pups with some basic treatments. This package DOES NOT INCLUDE a haircut.
  • Nail trimming and filling
  • Ear cleaning
  • Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Gland expression (external)
  • Paw pads  trim
  • Optional: Teeth brushing (+$10)




  • 爪切りとヤスリかけ

  • 耳掃除

  • シャンプー&コンディショナー

  • 肛門腺の処理

  • 足裏の毛のトリム

  • +$10で歯みがきも承っております

Give your pup the full treatment. This package includes all the basic service with haircut and styling.
  • Nail trimming and filling
  • Ear cleaning
  • Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Gland expression (external)
  • Paw Pads trim
  • Haircut and styling
  • Optional: Teeth brushing (+$10)



  • 爪切りとヤスリかけ

  • 耳掃除

  • シャンプー&コンディショナー

  • 肛門腺の処理

  • 足裏の毛のトリム

  • ヘアカット&スタイリング

  • 2時間のデイケアも含まれております

  • +$10で歯みがきも承っております



We offer daycare service limited to our grooming customers only. After a nice, refreshing groom, your dog is welcome to comfortably stay at the play area monitored by our staff. Daycare hours are during business hours only.

$10 per hour  |  $25 Full day

*Due to space restraints, we can only accept small dogs. For everyone's safety, your dog must be clear of any health issues. Monthly flea, tick, and heartworm prevention required.A vaccination record (DHLPP) is required. Bordetella is required within 12 months of the visit. Please make sure your dog's vaccination record is up-to-date. It is the owner's responsibility to renew their records before expiration.



1時間 $10 ​ |  1日 $25


Enhance your doggy care routine with our carefully curated spa service. Treat your dogs' sun-damaged coats and skin with a comfortable spa session at Johnny's Dog Spa. Choose from our à la carte spa menu or a full spa course. We offer a variety of options – from a relaxing aroma bath to a soothing paw oil massage. Prices vary depending on the dog size and breed.


  • Ayurveda Herb Pack XS $- | S $- | M $- | L $-                          (extra for long-hair)

  • The main ingredient in this herbal pack is neem, an organic herb that disinfects, beautifies the skin, and has anti-inflammatory properties. It also contains cassia, which improves sore fur and creates a beautiful coat.

  • Carbonic acid aroma bath XS/S $- | M $- | L $-
    Soaking in a carbon dioxide bath, which boosts metabolism and has a sterilizing effect, removes dirt from deep within the skin and makes the coat fluffy. The aromatic effect also makes for a relaxing bath time for your dog.


  • Microbubble bath (coming soon) XS/S $- | M $- | L $-
    Microbubble baths are effective against skin problems and odors due to the effects of microscopic bubbles. By soaking the entire body in the tub, the microbubble bath removes waste from deep within the pores and revitalizes the hair follicles, restoring the skin and fur to their original state, making it healthy and beautiful.


  • Paw Oil Massage XS/S $- | M $- | L $-
    A special paw massage using a cream with aromatic oil ingredients for your dog's paw pads that have become dry and damaged due to daily walks and aging.


  • Foot Fizz Bath XS/S $- | M $- | L $-
    A foot bath with tea tree oil fizz to prevent your dog from licking his toes due to discomfort caused by dirt accumulated between the paw pads.


  • Aroma Oil Massage XS/S $- | M $- | L $-
    A full-body relaxation massage using aroma oil. Oil is selected according to your dog's condition.


  • Pedicure XS/S $- | M $- | L $-
    We help you dress your dog's toes with a safe, quick-drying, odorless nail polish made from water-soluble ingredients.


  • Teeth brushing and spraying $-
    Use several types of toothbrushes to brush even the back teeth and the backs of the teeth. After brushing, use a mouth spray to guard against stains and keep your dog's breath fresh and clean.


  • Hair Color Starting price: $-
    This is a safe coloring agent specially designed for dogs, so you can enjoy the fashion of coloring with peace of mind.

XS uner5lbs  S 5.1~10lbs M 10.1~20lbs L over20~35lbs

Plumeria Course (One-day)

Grooming price +
XS $- | S $- |  M $- |  L $-


  1. Consultation
    We will choose aroma oil and hair pack according to your dog's condition, decide the menu for lunch or treat, and discuss the contents of the spa course.

  2. Meet and greet with other dogs in the daycare area

  3. Basic Grooming

  4. Paw massage

  5. Aroma oil massage

  6. Shampoo

  7. Teeth Brushing

  8. Herbal Pack

  9. Bubble bath

  10. Brush and blow-dry

  11. Lunch break

  12. Relaxing nap time

  13. Haircut (With Full Grooming)

  14. Playtime until pickup

Pikake Course (Half-day)

Grooming price +
XS $- | S $- |  M $- | L $-

  1. Consultation

  2. Meet and greet with other dogs in the daycare area

  3. Basic Grooming

  4. Paw massage

  5. Teeth Brushing

  6. Shampoo

  7. Herbal pack

  8. Brush and blow-dry

  9. Haircut (With Full Grooming)

  10. Snack break

  11. Playtime until pickup

Hibiscus Course

Grooming price +
XS $- | S $- | M $- | L $-


  1. Consultation

  2. Basic Grooming

  3. Paw massage

  4. Teeth Brushing

  5. Shampoo

  6. Carbonated aroma bath

  7. Brush and blow-dry

  8. Haircut ( with Full Grooming)




  • アーユルヴェーダハーブパック: S $-~ | S $-~ | M $-~ | L $-~       ロングヘアーはエクストラ料金がかかります                 殺菌、美肌、抗炎症作用のあるオーガニックハーブのニームを主原料とし、被毛の痛みを改善し美しい毛並に仕上げるカシア成分も取りいれた、皮膚にも被毛にも効果の高いハーブパック。

  • 炭酸アロマバス XS/S $- | M $- | L $-

  • マイクロバブルバス(Coming soon) XS/S $- | M $- | L $-


  • 肉球オイルマッサージ XS/S $- | M $- | L $-

  • フットフィズバス XS/S $- | M $- | L $-

  • アロマオイルマッサージ XS/S $- | M $- | L $-

  • ペディキュア XS/S $- | M $- | L $-

  • 歯磨きとスプレー $-


  • ヘアカラー $-〜

XS Under 5lbs     S5.1lbs~10lbs  M 10.1lbs~20  L 20.1~


グルーミングプライス +
XS $- | S $- |  M $- |  L $-


  1. コンサルテーション

  2. グリーティング 

  3. ベーシックグルーミング

  4. パウマッサージ

  5. アロマオイルマッサージ

  6. シャンプー

  7. 歯磨き

  8. ハーブパック

  9. バブルバス

  10. ブラッシュドライ

  11. ランチタイム

  12. リラックスお昼寝タイム

  13. ヘアカット

  14. お迎えまでプレイタイム

Image by Henar Langa


グルーミングプライス +
XS $- | S $- |  M $- |  L $-


  1. コンサルテーション

  2. グリーティング 

  3. ベーシックグルーミング

  4. パウマッサージ

  5. 歯磨き

  6. シャンプー

  7. ハーブパック

  8. ブラッシュドライ

  9. ヘアカット

  10. おやつタイム

  11. お迎えまでプレイタイム


グルーミングプライス +
XS $- | S $- |  M $- |  L $-


  1. コンサルテーション

  2. グリーティング 

  3. パウマッサージ

  4. 歯磨き

  5. シャンプー

  6. 炭酸アロマバス

  7. ブラッシュドライ

  8. ヘアカット


Let’s celebrate! Host your next pooches' birthday party at Johnny's Dog Spa. Treat your dog to some quality doggy playtime or join in on the fun and rent out our dedicated party space. Here’s what to expect at a Birthday Pawty:

We offer party service limited to our grooming customers only.

  • Birthday photo – Free
    Capture this special moment in front of our gorgeous birthday photo setup.


  • Dog-friendly cake (birthday song singing included) –
    We’ll provide the perfect cake. Choose the cake of your liking from the menu below.


  • Party space rental* – 
    Invite up to 2 other owners and their pets to join in on the fun. We also provide dog-friendly lunch meals and special treat options. Please contact us for more information.

    *Additional fee of $10 per guest (1 owner and 1 dog).


  • 誕生月のバースデーフォト – 無料


  • バースデーケーキ(犬用) –  

  • 飼い主さんも一緒にバースデーパーティー(1時間)* – 




Do you handle dogs with flea and/or ticks?

Our commitment to the health and safety of the pets in our care is a great responsibility we take very seriously. In the event where we find any flea or tick on your dog, we will use fleas and ticks treatment shampoo to maintain the highest health standards of the other dogs at the salon. Please let us know beforehand if you have any other subscribed medication from your vetenarian.


Do you handle matted fur?

Yes, we do. However please keep in mind that de-matting require longer brushing time and will be at an additional fee. Please contact us for more information.


Can I bring my puppy in for grooming?

As long as your puppy has been treated with all the appropriate vaccinations and has the permission from the veterinarian we'd be more than happy to service your pup.


My dog can get aggressive towards strangers but I'd still like to bring in my dog for grooming service.

We understand it's tough seeing your dog show it's aggressive side towards others. To ensure the safety of our groomers and other dogs at the salon, we can determine if we can service your dog or not depending on how comfortable he/she is around our groomers and the environment.













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